Houston Watch Co.

Drink the Modern Way. Drink on Easy Terms.

Reminder checklist for opening the bar for happy hour.

  • Lock door behind you.  
  • Clock in
  • Lights
  • Fill main ice well
  • Check for citrus
  • Juice citrus 
  • Check and stock beer and mixers
  • Check and stock liquor and wine
  • Place drain tubes in buss tubs beneath wells
  • Dump soaking sink to dry and place mats
  • Count bank
  • Check POS shift notes
  • Fire up Sonos playlist
  • Put out doormat and ashtray
  • Have a good shift
  • Be sure to adjust your tips when you have time.
  • MONDAYS and THURSDAYS:  Take cardboard to Travis and Franklin corner

*Time to lean, time to read*


Photography by Ashley McLaughlin